A shattered hobby

The write up covers the Shattered Glass characters with details on the parallel world to the G1 universe where repaints are not always what they seem. Read the google translated page page after the jump or look at the in-language page at e-hobbymagazine. At the stage of the story is the world drew international attention in "Shattered Glass".

A shattered hobby

The man who would later be nominated for multiple Oscars and who would star in numerous Neil Simon adaptations only directed one film and that movie was a low-budget, minute, black-and-white movie about cops and robbers.

And no, Jack Lemmon is nowhere to be found. Walter Matthau not only directed this film but he starred in it as well. He plays Jack Martin, a career criminal who pulls off a daring bank robbery.

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How does he do it? Well, first, he rents an office in the same building as the bank. He gets to know everyone at the bank. He wins their trust. No one can resist the charms of Jack Martin, which I guess is the advantage of getting to direct yourself.

A shattered hobby

On the day of the robbery, Jack approaches the cops who are hanging around outside the bank. He assures them that it will look realistic.

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They might even see a rather flustered bank manager leading him into the vault. Of course, the cops fall for it. While Jack is busy robbing the bank, the cops are just hanging around and shooting the breeze outside.

When Jack walks out of the bank, he thanks the cops for not ruining the scene and then promptly leaves. Meanwhile, the local mob boss is upset because not only did Jack rob the bank without permission but he also failed to shared any of the stolen money.

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Not only does Jack have the cops after him but he also has all the local gangsters! Will Jack find love or will his criminal past find him? Matthau was famous for playing urban misanthropes and, when watching Gangster Story, your natural instinct is to look for signs of that curmudgeonly worldview.

After making this film together, Walter Matthau and Carol Grace married. Not surprisingly, the scenes between Jack and Carol are the best in the film. Watching the film, you can tell why Walter Matthau devoted the rest of his career to acting as opposed to directing.While this hobby falls into the model-building category, the uniqueness of railroading is that you aren’t just building one item to be added to a collection, but in many cases an entire scene, with trains actually moving through it.

Nov 16,  · My Silas has 5 XP burning a hole in his pocket, and I'm wondering if Shattered Aeons gives a Survivor anything interesting to spend it on. No such indication in the preview, alas. Answering myself, now that I've got a copy: Alter Fate isn't too shabby, and it was in an earlier preview, too.

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This is the Shattered Model Rocket Kit from Estes > Model Rockets > Rocket Kits > E2X Series: Estes Shattered Rocket E2X Model Rocket Kit est Shattered Rocket E2X Model Rocket Kit. This is the Shattered Model Rocket Kit from Estes. Suitable for Ages 10 & Older with Adult Supervision for Those Under Hobby CA Super Glue -- # Mar 31,  · For some, finding a hobby is a natural and easy process.

For others, it can be confusing since there are so many options out there. This article helps to break down some of the choices by areas of interest and personality timberdesignmag.coms: E-Hobby has tweeted a picture of their shared exclusive release with the Transformers Collectors Club in packaging.

The VSE set, redecos of Generation 1 Soundwave and Blaster as their Shattered Glass counterparts, comes in a gorgeously done display box showcasing both characters in .

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