An analysis of the high school drop outs in the past two decades in the education of the united stat

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An analysis of the high school drop outs in the past two decades in the education of the united stat

The 4-year completion rate calculation is dependent on the availability of dropout estimates over a 4-year span, and current counts of completers. Because dropout rate information was missing for many states during the 4-year period considered by the US Department of Education, 4- year completion rate estimates for the school year are only available for 39 states.

Since data were not available from all states, an overall national rate could not be calculated. However, among reporting states, the high school 4-year completion rates for public school students ranged from a high of Inthe average SAT scores on the math section were for Asian-Americansfor whites, for Hispanic Latinos and for blacks.

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In a perfectly equal distribution, the racial breakdown of scores at every point in the distribution should ideally mirror the demographic composition of test-takers as whole i. If the exam was redesigned to increase score variance add harder and easier questions than it currently hasthe achievement gap across racial groups could be even more wider and pronounced.

In other words, if the math section was scored between 0 andwe might see more complete tails on both the right and the left. More East Asians score between and than score between andsuggesting that many East Asians of TaiwaneseJapaneseKorean and Han Chinese descent could be scoring high above if the test allowed them to.

From tothe black-white reading gap shrank by almost one half and the math gap by almost one third. Inblacks scored an average ofand whites scored an average of points.

On NAEP math tests inblacks scored an average ofand whites scored Inblack average score was and whites scored an average of points. For Hispanics, the average NAEP math score for seventeen-year-olds in was and for whites.

Inthe average score among Hispanics was compared with for whites. Data from the NAEP Mathematics Assessment Tests show that among twelfth graders, Asians scored an average of points compared with points for whites, for blacks, for Hispanics, and for Native Americans.

An analysis of the high school drop outs in the past two decades in the education of the united stat

In reading, the gap for year-olds was narrowed by 24 points from to The Hispanic-White Gap demonstrates: In reading, the gap for year-olds was narrowed by 15 points from to Furthermore, subgroups showed predominant gains in 4th grade at all achievement levels.

The progress made in elementary and middle schools was greater than that in high schools, which demonstrates the importance of early childhood education. Greater gains were seen in lower-performing subgroups rather than in higher-performing subgroups.

An analysis of the high school drop outs in the past two decades in the education of the united stat

Similarly, greater gains were seen in Latino and African American subgroups than for low-income and Native American subgroups. Theories about the origin of the racial achievement gap[ edit ] Further information:Dec 30,  · Division of Tuberculosis Elimination, National Center for HIV, STD, and TB Prevention The material in this report originated in the National Center for HIV, STD, and TB Prevention, Kevin Fenton, MD, PhD, Director; and the Division of Tuberculosis Elimination, Kenneth G.

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