Essay autobiography watch

Republican from Hayesville, NC, who ran for Congress in the NC in the crowded Republican primary ofa race that Mark Meadows won and went on to become the elected congressman.

Essay autobiography watch

Anything said will only have a glass fragment of truth and not present before you the whole mirror reflecting a human being.

Any identity or label is a piece of the whole person; however, as this is the dark age of Kali Yuga, let us move forward in the darkness of print. Over the past 30 years, I must have studied enough on my own to become a Rhodes Scholar but I attained no degrees, short of the minimum requirement—a high school diploma—in I define myself this way because I am in rebellion with education in general.

I see it as the root cause of perpetuating fossilized traditions and human misery. We teach each new generation to repeat the past and call it the future and that past is full of false promises, aggression and war. I therefore strive in my books on past and future history to expose the taken-for-granted flaws in perception.

They have been printed and passed out 1. The first 11 books were made of dead trees. The latter batch since have been published in the brave new world of photons and electrons. The New Revelations Nostradamus: Mostly the word is used to promote cynicism and not its original meaning. A skeptic observes and never assumes anything.

He doubts as that word was intended in its Indio-European roots: He looks with fresh eyes. He is always in the new moment living in a state of beginning. In that freshness there can come forth intelligence, innovation, and original insight about the inner and outer universe.

A rogue scholar finds the doorway to eternity in the atomically small yet powerful point of each present moment. He questions assumptions and poses often shocking alternatives.


For instance, we assume we are civilized when perhaps civilization has yet to happen on this earth. We assume we are human when it may very well be that our humanity is still in seed form.

We are trained to think and feel that we are individuals when we are all idiots. We are all idiots. That is our bondage through programming. I hope, I fear, I do the I-diot. Nevertheless, if one is aware, one sees that for any identification to exist, it requires its opposite.

If society and religion can program you to I-dentify, there is a chance you can deprogram yourself from religious and societal conditioning and experience dis-I-dentification. It is a reminder of the unbearable lightness of being infinite.

And now for something a little more biographical: For all of you astrologers out there, my body and brains were born 7: I am a native of Hollywood. I like to believe her laughter at that crucial moment—like so many of her other wonderful gifts of love and support down through the years—gave me a positive and life-affirming perception of existence.

Those years in the theater expanded my capacity to celebrate life and singing helped open my heart and flood my brain and body with moments of ecstatic joy.

Yet by the age of 22 I left it all. I had started practicing the techniques of Zen meditation the year before and had experienced a glimpse of something as vast and shattering to my perceptions as it was paradoxically quiet and ordinary.

Thus I began to remove myself from the social and often back-stabbing political world of opera. The glimpse of perceiving a bigger more universal and connected world through meditation brought me back in touch with the innocence of childhood, and to a childhood need to delve into the mysteries of life and death and record these examinations in the creative solitude of writing.

My friends and colleagues from those days still puzzle over why I abandoned a promising singing career to become a wandering seeker and writer on mystical matters.

All I can say to them is that the moments of heightened consciousness experienced while performing were of more interest to me than having a stage career. Since the late s I have embarked on an inner journey of self-observation, investigating and writing on subjects of the occult, parapsychology, mysticism, new religious movements and prophecy.

This search has taken me several times around the world.


I have spent extensive periods in India experimenting with ancient and modern meditation techniques and living in ashrams and alternative communities.

Meditation is the guiding force of my life, but how can I tell you about this journey inward to find my self again, without tarnishing it with judgments, dialectics, words?

If I ever greet you beyond the veil of these words, we might find a way to share this mystery called meditation. Our sutras will be giggles.LOUIS ARMSTRONG.

Essay autobiography watch

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May 14,  · An autobiography won't ring true to your readers -- or be cathartic for you -- if you don't bare your soul. Did You Know? Actress Drew Barrymore wrote her autobiography, Little Girl Lost, when she.

Jun 20,  · After hundreds of lonely years of doing what he was built for, WALL-E (short for Waste Allocation Load Lifter Earth-Class) discovers a new purpose in life when he meets a .

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Essay on An Autobiography of a Wrist Watch. I am a wristwatch a very common item of purchase for all men, women, and children.

Arthur Miller's The Crucible: Fact & Fiction, by Margo Burns