Global business plan considerations do not include

April 28, Updated On: When companies plan their long-term expansion into a foreign environment, they must tackle serious moral and ethical challenges and decision-making in order to make their expansion a success.

Global business plan considerations do not include

Vernon, Bellingham, Ferndale and all points in between. Costs to local economiespublic healthand rail corridor communities are concerning to many.

global business plan considerations do not include

There is evidence to support that local jobs and businessesproperty valueshuman health and quality of life would be adversely impacted by the coal trains.

Increased marine traffic and the coal terminal would affect fisheriesmarine ecosystemsand air quality. Substantial taxpayer investment may be required to support infrastructure required by the project and to mitigate some of the potential negative effects.

There are questions as to whether damages to local businesses, regional identitycommunities and fisheries could ever be adequately mitigated. Photo courtesy Paul K. There is increasing interest linking this supply with Asian demand through west coast coal terminals.

Coal mining and coal transport by both rail and sea are problematic when conducted at such scale. Local economies, communities, and human health are foremost amongst concerns.

Strategic questions regarding the wisdom of selling energy resources cheaply to an economic rival have been raised. Additional concerns include those about the coal combustion that occurs once the PRB coal reaches its market.

China consumes coal at an ever-increasing rate due to its burgeoning industrial economy. It is the largest source of coal in the United States.

The Wyodak coalbed covers 10, square miles in the PRB and has seams of coal averaging 70 feet thick. Powder River Basin coal is low-sulfur, subbituminous coal.

Transporting tremendous amounts of coal from Powder River Basin mines requires an unprecedented intensity of railway usage. The coal train corridor extends through several states and communities that differ in size, demographics, and economic base; however, all communities would be subject to impacts from the proposed scale of coal export activities.

Helens are also under consideration. Sightline Institute has done research into the unreliable economics of West Coast coal export.

An example of the false economic promise of coal export is the coal terminal in Los Angeles which was closed in due to market failure. Fallows reports that China is a leader in developing clean coal technologies; these technologies, however, are still theoretical.

A fundamental question remains: Anderson The proposed Gateway Pacific Terminal GPT at Cherry Point would have a capacity of approximately 54 million metric tons of goodsof which 48 million tons would be coalannually.

There would be an 80 to acre stockyard at Cherry Point for storage of coal and associated machinery. Coal dust is generated from uncovered piles that need to be rotated regularly. The dust is notoriously difficult to control. As both supply and demand for Powder River Basin coal are vast, and as the current application is to develop only acres of a 1, acre site, there is no way to accurately predict how large the Gateway Pacific Terminal might eventually become, and how many coal trains and vessels would then be required.

Anderson Transporting coal from the Powder River Basin to proposed west coast terminal sites would require unprecedented levels of regional rail usage. There are concerns not only about dramatically increased rail traffic, but also about negative impacts associated with coal trains specifically, due to train length, weight, content, and polluting capacity.

The terminal at Cherry Point would see the addition of approximately 30 miles of coal trains daily to the BNSF rail line that runs along the Puget Sound coast.Editor’s note: If you are not yet in the location you want to be if the S were to hit the fan, and are currently looking for either a home or raw land, then we recommend that you also read What Is The Best Place To Live In The United States To Prepare For The Coming Economic.

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The following is a summary schedule of benefits for eligible medical expenses. Benefits are subject to maximums, deductible and coinsurance unless otherwise noted.

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