Is the european union ready to

These discussions were attended also, alongside a delegation from the Ministry of External Affairs led by the minister delegate for European Affairs, Mr. Astrid Fodor, the Sibiu county prefect, Mrs. The agenda included the organisational plan for the Summit that refers, among other things, to hosting the events at the headquarters of the Sibiu City Hall, the layout of logistical infrastructure in the central squares of the city, as well as the cultural programme to be organised on the side-line of the reunion of the European Union heads of state and government. Romania is on track in terms of schedule of preparations made for the Sibiu Summit during the Romanian Presidency of the Council of the European Union.

Is the european union ready to

And with the increasing globalisation of political and economic institutions, it has become easier for a relatively small group to inveigle itself into quite staggeringly influential positions.

One cabal in particular reveals — alarmingly — what a small group, driven by a fanatical belief system, can achieve from the shadows. And writing as we are in the United Kingdom, this group is on our doorstep, and has been for over a century.

And although perhaps small in number, its reach is big.

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Our research into this subject — detailed in The Stargate Conspiracy and The Sion Revelation — demonstrated that every major step in the development of the European Union from a simple trading body to a borderline superstate can be traced back to a very specific ideology, which upholds rule by an elite from behind the scenes.

Astonishingly, this ideology is also about mysticism and magic. To him the ideal synarchist state would be a rigid social hierarchy topped by an elite that is predestined to rule — absolutely at odds with the then emerging concepts of democracy, individual liberty and social mobility.

Central to Saint-Yves was the creation of a united Europe, a call for which appears on the first page of his first book on synarchy, Keys to the East He believed that his perfectly balanced society reflected deep cosmic laws, with which his elite perfectly resonated.

They are also directly guided by the powers that rule the universe — as he believed himself to be. Saint-Yves claimed that in the ancient past an advanced civilisation — based, of course, on synarchic principles — had governed the whole world.

This golden age lasted from to BCE, before imploding due to a global catastrophe, remembered in legends such as Atlantis. Since then the occult powers-that-be have periodically reintroduced the revelation of synarchy, sending or inspiring figures such as Moses and Jesus — and, naturally, Saint-Yves himself.

He adopted the idea, popular in nineteenth-century esoteric and theosophical circles, that spiritually advanced masters — to him preservers of the synarchic revelation — existed in Agartha, a hidden realm in the Himalayas. He confided in his closest associates that he had been visited by its emissaries.

Another significant aspect of his version of history was that clandestine societies had transmitted the secret of synarchy throughout the ages. In he formed the Syndicate of the Professional and Economic Press to promote synarchy to political and business leaders.

After his death inand particularly in the uncertain aftermath of the First World War, they knew they could never achieve their ambitions through conventional means — and turned to stealth. They decided on inveigling their members into key positions in political and economic institutions intending on creating, in the words of Richard F.

Canudo is best remembered today as an energetic campaigner for European unity and founder of several youth organisations in the s, select members of which were inducted into the esoteric synarchist orders that she led together with Postel du Mas. The exact authorship is uncertain but the main candidates are Postel du Mas and the businessman Jean Coutrot.

The Count was a committed believer that cosmic forces shape events, giving him at least the profile of a synarchist. But there is evidence of a closer connection with the French synarchists.Italy’s far-right interior minister, Matteo Salvini, is calling on the European Union to “defend its border” against migrants arriving from Africa, and suggested that Italy was ready to “renegotiate” its financial commitments to the bloc if more was not done to help Italy handle the migrant crisis.

Is the european union ready to

May 21,  · Behind the headlines - conspiracies, cover-ups, ancient mysteries and more. Real news and perspectives that you won't find in the mainstream media. The European Union's chief Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier said in evidence published on Friday that he was willing to consider new ways to solve the Irish border issue, the toughest of remaining.

Aug 12,  · Watch video · THE European Union is ready to buckle under intense pressure from Italy on demands from austerity that will allow the debt-ridden country to Reviews: Oct 05,  · The European Union is set to offer the U.K.

a free-trade deal deeper than any agreement that’s gone before, but will reject Prime Minister . Jun 23,  · The European Union says it will continue a tit-for-tat escalation in its trade dispute with the U.S.

while countering President Donald Trump’s assertion that the U.S. is being treated unfairly.

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