Paper rosette tutorial

Cut three strips from the patterned paper:

Paper rosette tutorial

Pieces of Cardboard or Cardstock paper Ribbon Directions: Here is a very cool video if you need to watch a video tutoria l on how to make a paper rosette. Print out Halloween printable.

Paper rosette tutorial

This Halloween image is what you place in the middle of your paper rosette. Cut your paper Now gather your 2 sheets of scrapbooking paper. Next, fold your paper like an accordion on the scored lines. Glue the paper Take ends and glue them together with your glue gun or glue stick.

I found it was helpful to flatten the ends so that it is easy to glue them together. Glue all ends You should now have one big circle of folded paper.

Collapse the folded paper into a circle It can be a bit tricky and want to pop up on you. Make a support piece for the back I cut out a little circle of cardboard and glued it the back of the pinwheel for stability.

Glue it with a glue stick to the printable. Then hot glue the Halloween printable in the middle of your rosette.

How to hang your paper rosette You can attach a ribbon by poking a hole at the top of the paper pinwheel and thread ribbon through it. So, make as many of these fun party favors and decorate your home for a special Halloween gathering.

Well, I hope you found this post on how to make paper rosettes helpful? So, if you are joining me from Kristen from Ella Clairea big hello! There are some pretty incredible Halloween printables on the list below.Book Page Ornament Tutorial: Accordion-Fold Rosette Step by step tutorial to make an easy accordion-fold rosette book page ornament with optional glitter accents from vintage book pages.

Some links in this article are affiliate links and if you click on them I will receive a small commission at no cost to you – thanks for your support! Play and Listen learn to create the tim holtz paper rosette with the sizzix big shot thank your lucky stars i dont sing at the end it was hard not to lol tim if youre.

This Paper Rosette Tutorial has so many options! Tutorials for all sizes of Paper Rosettes - why didn't I think of folding the smaller ones =). The Dahlia set comes with four dies, three petals of different size and one die for the center piece. Start by folding large enough pieces of white paper.

Place the dies as shown when die cutting. Use this sandwich: Multipurpose Platform Tab 2, Cutting Pad, paper, die facing down, second Cutting Pad.

Giant Paper Snowflake Tutorial with Snowflake Templates 11 Time Management Strategies for Small Business Success The Best Resources for a Successful Creative Business: Starting a . But if you are cutting your paper strips from folded rolls you need to make sure you are cutting them the right way.

There is no need to be an expert to sew crepe paper rosettes; all you need to keep in mind is not to pull to hard from it while stitching to shape your rosette.