Pcat sample essay

For over 30 years I have been a faculty member of Southeastern Louisiana University in the biology department. In addition I have supervised many research laboratories and counseled many students seeking professional advancement. I hope my view and opinion of Sarah Hoover will be beneficial to the Louisiana State University physical therapy admissions committee as you evaluate this exceptional candidate. I first came in contact with Sarah during the spring semester ofwhen she entered my office needing advice over respective class scheduling.

Pcat sample essay

Read and Annotate Purpose: Clarify what the given statement or problem means. Sketch out a sensible solution, counterexample, and resolution. Clarify Main Idea and Plan Purpose: Make sure the main idea is stated concisely and that it is the centerpiece of your essay. Build a unified essay based on your prewritten tasks.

Detect errors, especially those that affect clarity. Read and Annotate This first step may seem obvious but is essential. Instead, take a moment to digest the topic in full, considering each word as a possible source of ideas.

Note any key words or phrases.

Pcat sample essay

Certain terms can be interpreted differently; consider how you interpret each word in the context of the given topic, remembering that you must support your interpretation with concrete examples.

Look at the topic from all possible angles and jot down as any notes you need. Prewrite After you have a clear idea of what the statement means and how you will begin to explain it, you are ready to brainstorm different solutions and prewrite each implied task.

This will help you solidify your interpretation of the statement and is the key to using your time effectively and writing clearly. Note that the first solution you think of may not be the easiest to write about or support with examples; coming up with multiple solutions allows you to choose the easiest and gives you ideas for alternative solutions, too.

Explanation Explain the elements of the problem, making sure to define key concepts and words in the statement of the problem. For example, based on the above prompt, it would be important to discuss the meaning of the phrase global climate changethe sources of greenhouse gases, and the relationship between such gases and climate change.

Also discuss why greenhouse gases and climate change are problems and what additional issues may arise if they are left unchecked. Solution Explain the key elements of your solution.

Also provide a brief example that demonstrates your solution, such as when a similar solution was used to solve a comparable problem in the past. For example, you could state that other sources of energy need to be more widely employed to reduce the sources of greenhouse gases and support this solution with the example of the effectiveness of recent, smaller-scale shifts of some power plants from coal to natural gas or biomass.

A strong writing sample also uses this task as an opportunity to explain and refute anticipated criticism by pointing out a potential weakness of an element of the solution but then providing a rebuttal. For the above solution, you might focus on the cost of implementing a new program but explain how this can be covered by carbon taxes on those entities that choose not to comply.

Alternate Solution In order to achieve the maximum score on your writing sample, you must also include one or more alternate solutions in addition to your main solution.

Pcat sample essay

These solutions should also be expanded upon with evidence and details but to a lesser extent than your main solution. For example, you might discuss changes individuals can make, such as driving less often, creating less waste, and purchasing energy-efficient devices.

Conclusion Finish your essay with a strong conclusion that shows why your main solution is the best of all those proposed. Include a solid closing sentence to leave a strong impression with your graders as they are assigning your score.

Clarify Main Idea and Plan If you have budgeted your time wisely in the first two tasks, you should have at least one minute left to clarify your main idea and to discard ideas that do not belong or that detract from the cohesiveness of your essay plan.

As you review your plan, ensure that your ideas work together and that the primary tasks are balanced. This is your chance to envision how all the major points will work together and to plan the overall flow of your argument.

Write After formulating a great plan, actually writing your essay is often the easiest step. Use the ideas from your prewrite as your outline. Stay with the prewrite and be careful not to veer off track. Introducing a new idea, no matter how good, is a surefire way to start digressing from the central focus of the paragraphs and run out of time, leaving behind an essay that is incomplete and not cohesive.

While writing, avoid language that is too complex and that could detract from unity. Start with a basic, four-paragraph structure with one paragraph for each of the four implied tasks.

Use simple, straightforward language and strong reasoning. Proofread Devote your last few minutes to correcting any errors that obscure your key points.

The Kaplan strategy recommends at least two minutes, but this is a minimum. The more time you have to proofread, the better your essay will become.

As you review your essay, look out for critical word omissions, run-on sentences, subject-verb agreement, and any other mistakes that make understanding your essay more difficult.Over great problem solution or proposal paper topic ideas, plus sample essays and links to articles on how to write an excellent paper!

An internship is a monitored work or service program designed to provide practical experience in an occupation or profession. An internship offers a student the chance to learn and discover different elements within any field of interest.

If the program you are applying to requires official test scores, be sure to submit them to the UB electronically. Review our list of academic programs or check your online application to see which test scores are required..

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PCAT Test Blueprint and Sample Items 6 Biological Processes Example 5: Passage and Accompanying Item Chronic Stress and Immunity Stress is an intrinsic part of life for most organisms, and dealing successfully with. The page PCAT Study Guide contains detailed information about the structure and contents of the PCAT and provides examples of test items (formerly on Practice Test 1) for each content objective assessed.

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