School contribute to moral laxity of a student than home reasons

I never let my schooling interfere with my education. Teachers have to work harder because parents have fallen down on their job? How have teachers done without values and morality all this time? When the Reverend Dr.

School contribute to moral laxity of a student than home reasons

Student Answers josharnott Student If we were all perfect, schools would not have the responsibility of teaching this to their students. I think the schools should continue to do so, basic things such as obedience, respect, ect.

As the teachers are their role models so they can easily influence as my personal experience goes. Moral is somehow a vague term, and it is subjective.

One thing could be moral for me but immoral for you. At the end of the day, it is still the individual person who decides if what he did throughout the day is moral or immoral. But anybody could rigt away judge if someone violates a particular expectation set by society. You see, teachers are people.

Therefore, teachers are different from one another.

Teaching Moral Values on a School Trip

You could go to one grade and the teacher could be instructing you in a way that is offensive or opposing to another. For example, one teacher could say that Catholics are the best, and Protestants are paganistic heathens who defile the name of Jesus Christ as well as the Catholic Church and the entire Christian faith.

And another could say that Protestants teach a more traditional way, similar to how Jesus taught his disciples. She could say that Catholics are traditionalistic and corrupt.

Nov 19,  · Children attending any type of school will be faced with daily situations where they learn to make decisions based on what they feel is right. If the parents don't teach them moral strength and a sense of what is right, the child will not have the best resources to make good decisions in any social or personal situation, at school or Resolved. Aug 31,  · Morality is going to get into religion because there has to be a moral authority behind morality. Behavior is different. We can demand honest behavior regardless of whether we think honesty is a moral issue or not. The home life has the most influence on student behavior. Where parents are involved, students Resolved. THE INCIDENCE OF MORAL LAXITY AMONG NIGERIAN YOUTHS: IMPLICATION FOR COUNSELLING By F.T. IHWAKAR School of Education, There has been a public outcry about the moral laxity of our youths. Students in our schools indulge in secret cult activities. values of honesty, cleanliness, selflessness and concern for others at home.

Basically, no, because morals are basically opinions and ethical codes. In different places they are different. In order to remain open and tolerant, we must retain our differences in morals as well as religions, languages, etc. They are something children should be brought up with.

This will really help make a better society. They make you do Civics and careers in high school. It is manditory to graduate. We alo learnt about a part where there are some things that are not mentioned in the constitution, but one must decide whether or not they are MORALLY correct.

Religious beliefs should not be forced on them, though I do not think that the government should choose what morals my kids will be exposed to. That is up to me. I would not want my kids being told that.

School contribute to moral laxity of a student than home reasons

I think that parents are the only ones who should be chosing the moral messages their kids are getting when they are very young. First of all, not only religious morals are taught in schools. There are many Public and Private schools that do not teach any morals about God and such.

Second of all, many morals that are taught in schools are very general morals that each individual has to learn. Morals affect our every day lives!

Morals teach us not to steal, not to hurt others, think before we act, and most importantly make decisions, which brings me on to your next point.List three reasons why the single-parent structure might function less well than other family structures.

In what ways are family structure and family function affected by culture? Using the family-stress model, explain how low family income might affect family function?. For the ineffective educational system, parents can take several actions and one of the alternative is by sending their children to extra classes (classes to deepen the religion, belief and moral of the kids) and parents should not depends on the school only.

Get an answer for 'Should morals be taught in schools? What do you think and why?' and find homework help for other Law and Politics questions at eNotes role models at home. They go off to. 1 Answer - Posted in topics: home, school, student, schools, homes, moral - Answer: I think maybe yes, in the family parents dote on children, to.

the home not the school is to blame for moral laxity among the student in nigeria. May 13,  · I taught English in a Catholic school in Thailand for more than six years, and the learning of moral values was built into all of our lessons.

School contribute to moral laxity of a student than home reasons

Actually, ten percent of the students' grades was based on how well they practiced moral values inside and outside the timberdesignmag.coms:

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