Shakespeare the tragedies a collection of critical essays

Arguably Shakespeare's finest and most important play, Hamlet is also one of the most misunderstood masterpieces of world literature.

Shakespeare the tragedies a collection of critical essays

We use cookies to give you the best experience possible. While being a great play, the bulk of the plot in King Lear comes mainly from the first two scenes where most of the key events happen.

Along with the plot there is also extensive amounts of setup that occur within the dialogue which key the audience in on the morals and values of the characters.

Shakespeare the tragedies a collection of critical essays

The opening scenes of King Lear do an immaculate job of setting up the plot and forming the basis for all the events which occur in the later scenes of the play. After the first two scenes are over the audience is basically just along for the ride, waiting to see how the events given to us in the opening scenes unfold.

This is one of the most pivotal points in the play as the effects of this action are enormous. Lear ends up casting aside Cordelia, who is the only daughter he has who truly loves him, and gives all his land to his other two, power hungry, daughters.

The other pivotal point in the first scene which has a huge affect on the rest of the play is the inclusion of the talk about Edmund.

Edmund realizes that, due to his illegitimacy, he can never amount to anything. His struggle for power and notoriety causes much havoc throughout the play.

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He deceives both his brother and his father just so that he can advance his title. While the extreme outcomes of the two actions noted are not known until after the first two scenes of the play, they are the two most important pieces of plot information that are given throughout the length of the play.

The plot of King Lear is not the only part of the play that rests on the first two scenes. An enormous amount of the dialogue is specifically used to reveal the values and morals of each character. It is very important to know the values that each character has in order to have a greater understanding of why the play unfolds the way it does.

Shakespeare the tragedies a collection of critical essays

For example, it would be hard to believe that Goneril and Reagan could be so contemptible to their own father, without the incident in the first scene where both Goneril and Reagan show that they are morally corrupt, by making exaggerated claims of love and devotion to their father.

The first scene plays a huge role in disclosing the views of Lear, Goneril, Reagan, and Cordelia while the second scene exposes Edmund for what he really is. The views of King Lear himself are more apparent in the first scene than the views of any other character.

Along with his rashness, it is shown that Lear asks questions, only willing to receive the response he wants. Hence his complete and almost incomprehensible misunderstanding of Cordelia.

Since Lear feels that he has to be in control of every situation, when the time finally comes that he realizes he no longer has control of anything, he snaps.

[EMLS (September, ]: Review of Stevie Simkin, ed., Revenge Tragedy

By not trying to outdo her sisters outlandish proclamations of love she shows that she truly loves her father and that she values her love for her father more than anything. This value that is expressed in the first scene of play becomes very important when she accepts her father without condition at the end of the play regardless of the fact that he was so uncaring towards her.

Shakespeare has, without a doubt, written some of the most powerful plays ever to grace the stage of a theatre.


King Lear is no exception. At first glance, the play seems to be completely ridiculous, in that no human beings would possibly act the way the characters in King Lear act but there is more to be offered by the collection of eclectic characters than can be seen at first glance.

The first two scenes offer a great insight into the characters behaviour by revealing their values through carefully crafted dialogue. Aside from showing the true colors of the characters, the opening scenes serve to create an atmosphere for the plot to be outlined in great detail without giving away how it will unfold.

The first two scenes of King Lear are pivotal in influencing every aspect of the play including the plot, and the values of the characters contained within the plot. Works Cited Clemen, Wolfgang. Notes and Essays on Shakespeare.

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