Technical risk in the uae internal

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Technical risk in the uae internal

Wheeler, Sr Director, Advisory, Gartner CIOs and their teams need to be able to articulate the value of digital business in the form of concrete metrics.

This session will provide a framework for identifying value areas e. Monday, 22 October, Scaling security when facing a fast-paced IT innovation landscape involves choices, often at the expense of building trust and resilience. Three key questions drive strong decision making: What's important, what's dangerous, and what's real?

This session presents scenarios to demonstrate that ruthless prioritization in the answers helps us cut through the noise and enables action that changes our outlook from overwhelmed to empowered. Yet, with cyber threats and data breaches, is this technology secure?

As Blockchain starts to impact the world, CISOs must understand the security and privacy implications. This session aims to provide a CISO with a framework that will help them identify and manage risks related to Blockchain.

Wheeler, Sr Director, Advisory, Gartner Come join us for a discussion of four recent high-profile breaches. How did they happen? What was the company response? What worked and what didn't? What should we have learned from the breach? Tired of racking and stacking and patching?

Technical risk in the uae internal

Bored with consoles and control panels? Then attend this session. Cloud security upends traditional notions of protecting systems and data. Aspects of cloud security require dabbling in adjacent IT disciplines. Come learn how to develop cloud security skills for yourself and for your organization. What implications does this have on governments and their IAM programs, and how will this impact both government-employee and government-citizen dynamics?

How will emerging technologies such as blockchain impact government digital identity? This roundtable kicks off with some common trends in IAM, and focuses on what matters most to governments.

The promise of increased security and better automation is appealing to CISOs, but sets the wrong expectations. Being too optimistic about artificial intelligence's impact could hurt the security organization.

This session will highlight how artificial intelligence might impact security and risk management, what to expect and how to adapt to the changes. Gartner presents the best predictions on how the threat will change in attacking your enterprise.

This session will cover the following areas — the importance of patching, ransomware evolution and state-sponsored attacks.Manages the activities of internal Audit Dept.

to provide an independcent, objective assurance and consulting activities that add value and improve Adnoc operation to accomplish its objectives.

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- Internal controls and risk management.

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- Supply. This Internal Controls training course is designed for those that have a practical knowledge of audit procedures, who have been involved in their organisation’s audit process or who wish to broaden their professional technical skills.

of internal auditors in the UAE coming from a technical IT background. • Internal auditors specialized in IT audit in the UAE have double the percentage of IT audit and security qualifications (e.g.

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CISA, CISSP, etc..) as compared to internal auditors globally. Dubai, UAE KPMG Business Academy Risk-based auditing Internal audit and risk management.

Technical risk in the uae internal

Raajeev’s professional experience of three decades Technical courses presented includes Internal Audit Methodology, Data Analytics and Data Analytic-enabled Internal Audit (DAeIA). AZTech Certificate of Completion for delegates who attend and complete the training course.

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