The panel and passage

Written By Nigel Roberts Posted November 17, Black communities have been fighting for effective civilian oversight of police departments since the s. Criminal justice reform advocates were watching Nashville as the city takes center stage in the ongoing battle after a stunning victory on Election Day with the passage of a ballot amendment to create its first police oversight panel—the culmination of a Black-led movement in the city that began the s. After such a major victory with the passage of Amendment 1, which authorized the creation of the oversight panel, many supporters may think their job is done.

The panel and passage

My dog is too big to fit through the pet door, and it is very hard to separate the large panels to let her out that way. Maybe I'm not doing something right? It is good quality and if my 30 dog could walk through the pet door I would rate it a 5.

Please try again later. Report Great Product By PensacolaT on Oct 6, Brought this to use for my two chihuahua puppies for when we go camping and it is working out great. Purchasing another one to combine them so they can go out in the backyard without being worried that they will get under my fence.

Produce is made well. I have not experienced any problems with taking it down and putting it back up again. Well worth the money. Report Great for my golden retriever puppy By Adam on Nov 9, We bought this to help introduce our new 8 week golden retriever puppy to our 5 yr old protective dachshund.

It worked great and now they both are pals. We use it now for his pin to eat and drink. Report opps, my bad! By Kitties on Sep 13, I don't have a real review. I bought this thinking we were getting kittens and we ended up with bigger cats and did not need this, I have not used it or set it up, only had it out of the box.


Now I don't know what to do and I am afraid that if I return it that it will cost way too much in shipping. It is really sturdy looking I might say. I am not dissatisfied at alljust seem to be stuck with it.

The panel and passage

The play yard is more than big enough to give them room to pounce about and leave room on or small patio. It is sturdy enough that they can jump up on the side and not knock it over in any way, and tall enough that our Yorkie can not jump over the top.

We formed the shape of the play area into a square to accommodate the shape of our patio instead of the octagon pictured, so you can do different things with the play area, which I loved about this play yard. I would defiantly recommend it to anyone that is looking for a play yard for small to medium dogs.

I ordered this pet yard to place on our back patio so that I would have a place for our 2-year-old Yorkie and 4-month old Chiweenie to play. Report Worked well By 56JoJo on Aug 10, I do not have a fenced in yard so I purchased this to enclose a baby wading pool on my patio so my dogs could play outside in the summer without being on leash.

It worked really well for that purpose even though my pups were not too sure about getting in the pool. We'll keep working on it! Also purchased because I'm adding a puppy to the family in a few weeks and needed something I could contain him in when I'm at work.

The panel and passage

I'm thinking of getting the smaller version of this petyard so I can make the gated area of the patio bigger-will need the extra space when the puppy gets bigger! Report Good size, easy to setup, but may not work for my puppy for long By Ramona on Sep 4, This is very easy to setup and provides a good sized play area for a dog.

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We have a Great Dane puppy 9 weeks who can use the dog door, but eventually she won't fit through. After a week, she's started to try to climb and attempt to escape. We don't leave her in the pen for very long minutes at a timebut I think it is only a matter of time before she gets out on her own.

I love how this product can be adjusted to fit our needs.When still in the business we made custom frame-and-panel doors for local residential customers and builders. Typically, we built from hardwoods like cherry or oak using 5/8” panels back to back for the thicker entrance or passage doors.

This item, North States Pet Yard Passage 8-Panel - Brown, is part of the auction: NORTH PHOENIX, AZ Pets Supply Auction ID/ 11/15/ Safe Passage® Sling Pack Experience casting freedom with our most popular fly-fishing sling pack.

Alfco Hydraulic Scraper System The Alfco Slurry Scraper will scrape cubicle and feed passages of various widths.

Up to six passages can be operated on one powerpack and control panel. One Rambox is installed at the end of each passage and a double acting Ram moves the central draw bar back and forth.

The scraper is fitted with a mechanism that moves it forward with each stroke. So to his point, let me show you a simple way to see all the “tags” assigned to a word in a biblical passage: Open an English Bible with the interlinear option such as the NASB (A) Navigate to a passage such as Mark (B) For more detailed instructions about the Information panel, please check out the.

Petyard Passage, 8 panel The MyPet Petyard Passage 8 panel is an excellent solution for creating a safe containment area for your pet, both indoors or outdoors.

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