The write away community on livejournal stormfront

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The write away community on livejournal stormfront

Notability[ edit ] We get more than 14, unique visitors per day, and this is the first time anyone has suggested that we have a "heavy point of view. Net would still be notable. Net is currently accepting new artists who are encouraged to come and explore the site and join artists sharing art from the source Net and and is always open to new artists and new areas.

Also my suggestion is remove all the external links excluding one to the main page. It is very hard to write non POV point of view articles about subjects you are personally involved in so we normally suggest getting a 3rd party to write them.

Jon Lon Sito The site seems to share much philosophy with wikis, if not as much software engineering. This site deserves to have an article, and the version proposed for deletion is source-supported. Notability websites Criteria for web content item number 2, and compare to http: Please, simillar articles on Wikipedia have only one link, that is more than sufficient.

If it keeps on turning into an advertisement with all these links, I will nominate it for deletion and let the community decide.

the write away community on livejournal stormfront

The site meets and exceeds criteria 2 for notability above. MOS External links states that external links "should not appear as their native URLs, but should be formatted to describe the website and the topic. Please see the relevant guidelines at WP: This style guide suggests two types of external link: Citations, and the External Links section Citations are for " That is, they are made with the single brackets containing a URL only, and appear like a numbered footnote in the resulting text.

This suggests that if the body was to have links to art. The article does feel spammy with them. The external links provided in the "External Links" section of articles are the only other external links recommended by WP: Please share any concerns with me here, and I will follow up.

Net article from wikipedia.

. . . where ideas take flight

Net was truly a teaching site. Two links were made as footnotes to actual artist spaces 1 studio and 1 gallery room where the artists share teaching sessions on how their art is created.

These links actially helped make the subject matter being discussed, more understandable and interesting too. Now that the decision has been made to keep the article for Art.

Net as apart of wikipedia. It does seem to me that the wikipedia. It seems to me it would make the article more alive and enjoyable if you could go goto exactly where or what the particular point, example, or note refers to Net we allow artist to make external links in their spaces to where ever they like.

All we ask is that they include a link to the home site, Art. Net, on their home page so that folks will know that their studio is apart of Art. Net and that the artist is a member of the site.writing prompts You can find people by interests in the page with interests. writing prompts in communities Found: matches musemuggers A fun weekly writing challenge community September 3 , Just so everyone knows: this journal is not The Write Away.

This is the mod account we've made in order to help us maintain that community. So if you're trying to apply to TWA or you're here because you got a notification saying you are about to be deleted and you're confused because you can't see any entries, it's because you're in the wrong place.

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the write away community on livejournal stormfront

Write Away is a virtual writers' workshop where writers of all skill levels are welcome to join and participate. We welcome original works from poets, non-fiction writers, and fiction writers of all genres.

Password requirements: 6 to 30 characters long; ASCII characters only (characters found on a standard US keyboard); must contain at least 4 different symbols;. Password requirements: 6 to 30 characters long; ASCII characters only (characters found on a standard US keyboard); must contain at least 4 different symbols;. - Wikipedia