Trifles vs story of an hour

Trifles and A Jury of Her Peers: A Comparison Susan Glaspell worte two different forms of literature that has basically the same plot, setting and characters - Trifles and A Jury of Her Peers: A Comparison Essay introduction.

Trifles vs story of an hour

It was hard for the adults to clean the chimneys so they would rent their kids out to clean others chimneys as well as their own. With the children being so busy they never have the chance to experience the fun life a child should live, instead, they spent every day working leaving no time for play.

In the poem, it states that the boy lives a lifestyle of sweeping chimneys and sleeping in soot. That night Tom has a dream that the sweepers all went to heaven and are allowed to be free and clean.

This dream gives the boys hope and allows them to go back to work with a positive attitude knowing that their next life will be much better.

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In this poem, these innocent boys live a hard and sad life but they always stay positive and in the end, they are able to go to work happy. The little boy seems very angry towards his parents and towards God.

He is angry with his parents for not realizing his unhappiness and says that they dress him in death making them sound evil and careless. It seems that the boy acts happy in front of his parents, which makes them feel that they have done no wrong.

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Then once his parents go to praise God he feels that they are just running from him and this is what makes him angry with God. In the end the angry boy blames God for all of his troubles and says that heaven is just made up for our misery.

This poem reflects the idea that with experience there will be bitterness and hatred.o Compare the wives in Trifles and one of the following: Fences, Story of an Hour, or Woman Hollering Creek.

Trifles vs story of an hour

o Husbands: compare how the husband is characterized in Trifles and one of the following: Fences, Story of an Hour, or Woman Hollering Creek. A summary of Scenes 5–6 in Christopher Marlowe's Doctor Faustus.

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Learn exactly what happened in this chapter, scene, or section of Doctor Faustus and what it means. Perfect for acing essays, tests, and quizzes, as well as for writing lesson plans.

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Trifles and The Story of an Hour The views of marriage in Trifles and Kate Chopin's The Story of an Hour have various similarities, but the stories differ in some perspectives dealing with the women's actions.

(Return to Full Plot Summary of “Story of an Hour”) “The Story of an Hour" by Kate Chopin represents a negative view of marriage by presenting the reader with a woman who is clearly overjoyed that her husband has died.

Hale responds that “women are used to worrying over trifles.” Throughout this short story, male characters overlook things, ideas, and actions that they associate with women. Gender roles are clearly delineated, and the men are uninterested in womanly things (domestic tasks and possessions, such as the canning jars of fruit).

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